The thrill of a treasure hunt and modern technology collide in GeoCaching. Experience one of the world’s fastest growing thrill-seeking activities. Use your handheld GPS device to guide you to the treasure or cache. Hidden here at the Resort are 4 traditional caches and 2 multi-stage caches. Once you have found these you can move on to one of the many caches hidden throughout the Raystown Region. For more info on geocaching, please visit

Geocaching Coordinates:

Secret Squirrel Stash: N40 Degrees 18.405 W078 Degrees 10.781

Captain Chipmunk: N40 Degrees 18.114 W078 Degrees 10.578

Stone Hedge: N 40° 18.228 W 078° 10.387

Terrace Mountain Trail: N 40° 17.317 W 078° 10.956

Raystown Ray’s Treasure: N 40° 18.131 W 078° 10.902

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